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Calling the Right Oceanside Locksmith: Control keys, LFRCs and SFICs

Another of the more interesting keys out there is the control key.  The key and the system it works with are very unique.  Oceanside Locksmith does come across this type of key and locking system.  We thought you might find it interesting to read about it.  The system that they work with is an interchange core.  That to is an interesting read.

#1 The Control Key system

A control key works much like any  other key with one exception.  This is the interesting part that we at Oceanside Locksmith find fascinating.  This key actually allows the user to extract the core and change the combination of the lock simply by replacing the core with another one.  In effect a cylinder swap is possible with the use of the control key.

#2 Two types of control lock systems.

Oceanside Locksmith has seen and worked with two well known types of control locking systems.  The first is called a Large Format Removable Core, the second Small Interchangeable Format Core.  The more secure of the two the Large Format Removable core.  Why?

a. Oceanside Locksmith notes that a LFRC system only works with the brand it is made for.

b. Oceanside Locksmith notes that newer LFRC models can have built in logic chips.   This allows the access to be more tightly controlled as the person assigned to manage it can electronically remove and add keys.

The LFRC like it’s counterpart the SFIC is easy to work with.  Logic units can be found in both the LF and SF types.  The key difference, the SFIC is interchangeable with any brand, LFRC is not as noted above.

Another interesting feature is the simplicity factor.  Oceanside Locksmith notes that the system is easy to manage so much so that a locksmith is not required to deal with them.  We at  Oceanside locksmith still think it is a good idea to have a locksmith help you work wit these types of locks.  One last note for systems that use a lock with a logic component, no wiring is required for most LF and SF types.


  1. Oceanside Locksmith

Before running out and buying these devices  Oceanside locksmith does want you to think it through.  Security should be layered.

  1. Oceanside Locksmith  recommends using a system that encompasses a variety of tools.
  2.  Oceanside Locksmith  recommends the use of cameras, access cards, and trained security personal.
  3.  Oceanside Locksmith  recommends background checks and periodic reviews to ensure the staff are trained in all procedures and checked to ensure they have the correct certifications to work in a secure area including a clean criminal and financial abstract.
  4. Above  manage the system by this  Oceanside Locksmith means being lean and effective.  Lean means stealth mixed with openly noticeable security.  Effective means updating systems and using technology to your advantage.

Oceanside Locksmiths are experts in the field of Locksmithing.  For xx years they have helped many small and large companies deal with complex security questions.  For a free no obligation quote you can call them at 760-933-6049.  Oceanside Locksmith that they be the first people you contact with questions about LFRC and SFIC systems.